4: Premises (Farnham)

Major Tugwell began manufacture from a prefabricated studio/workshop at the bottom of his Bridgefield, Farnham, garden where it backed onto Darvills Lane, until he had perfected his techniques. Some work continued at this studio but main production was moved to a rather dilapidated wooden workshop at 24 Long Garden Walk where Figg's, a local undertakers, had once made their coffins. A visit to the loft revealed parts for coffins and even a completed child's coffin (empty, fortunately!) which was possibly an apprentice's test piece. The workshop comprised a range of vernacular buildings which appeared to have their origins as workshops, stabling and associated outbuildings; partly brick at the western end, which housed the office and finishing department, but mainly a wooden structure with unpainted weatherboarding and an external wooden staircase to access the upper floor. The lower floor housed the Sanding and Polishing Department; the upper floor the Casting Department. At the eastern end was a simple lean-to privy to provide the most basic of facilities for the factory staff. These buildings have since been demolished and replaced. I had left Shattaline when they moved to Woking, so I cannot comment on the premises there or later. The move to Scotland was to the Evanton / Dingwall area of Ross-shire (now Highland Region) on the Cromarty Firth.