8: Recognition




As stated earlier, there are a number of products which could be mistaken for Shattaline. Some were deliberate attempts to copy, one even going under the similar brand name of "Scatterlite". The genuine article normally has a fairly close-textured crazing but which rarely comes to the surface; if there are a number of surface marks showing where the crazing reaches the edge of the mould, it probably isn't Shattaline. Colours of the real thing vary enormously but yellow, orange, red, turquoise and blue were common. The "cube" paperweights and their derivatives are roughly 2 inches (or 5.5 cm) on each edge although they tend to be a little higher than they are wide. The spherical equivalent is of similar height and with a flat base. All were sold with felt of an appropriate colour stuck to the base. I have seen a cigarette lighter in a cylindrical format (see photo below), but this German product is not Shattaline, who produced these only in the spherical or cubic formats. If the shatter effect looks like just a few flat planes within the item it, also, is unlikely to be the real thing.




Cylindrical table lamp (left and above left)

Shattaline or an imitator? At first glance this is the real thing, and has an appropriate fibreglass shade (left). But closer inspection (right) shows that this may not be genuine Shattaline, as it appears to have been manufactured from broken pieces of resin cast in fresh plain (i.e. unshattered) resin like pineapple chunks in a jelly. The base also appears to be shorter than the usual Shattaline style. It is, however, possible that this was a later piece of genuine Shattaline combining shattered resin with recycled pieces.


Photos courtesy of unmedia




Cigarette lighters by Shattaline (left) and Solarstein (right)

The cigarette lighter on the left is a genuine Shattaline one; that on the right was made by a German company called Solarstein. It appears to have been made by a similar process but, if so, why is there no shatter effect towards the top?

Photos courtesy of design20c




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